Community Human Resources – how best to meet your HR obligations

Although not-for-profit organisations often operate with limited resources, laws governing employers apply equally to both not-for-profits as well as for profit businesses. Our HR services help navigate your HR compliance responsibilities.

Does your not-for-profit organisation have paid employees?

Many community organisations don’t have the time or resources to manage HR issues, whether it be a Board or Committee needing advice or a staff manager needing guidance, our experts can provide professional support to meet your needs and budget.

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Does your organisation meet all its HR obligations?

Laws about employees apply to not-for-profits like any organisation, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to understand. That is where our HR Compliance services can help community organisations get it right proactively.

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Recruitment and selection in the not-for-profit sector can be challenging.

Your community organisation Board or Management Committee may need to recruit a new manager, or a staff manager might need to find a new staff member. Our service can help community organisations understand their legal obligations when recruiting employees and implement efficient and cost-effective best practices.

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We provide training services for Boards/Committees plus information on where to go for further support.

See our upcoming workshops and seminars for options to best suit you and your organisation.

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Our consulting and mentoring services can provide valuable 1:1 assistance.

Free & low-cost consulting services are available to eligible organisations.

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We understand managing good HR practice on a shoestring budget and the challenges faced.

With Community Sector experts we: Provide direct organisational support, training and resources. A sample of the topics include:

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