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Board/Committee Members financial literacy

Customised training and workshops

Good Governance training

Learn about these essential areas:

  • Your legal duties

  • Social media and the law

  • Privacy laws

  • Risk, insurance and legal standards

  • Community organisation rules

  • NFP constitution

  • and more…

Learn about these essential areas:

  • Mentoring in completing NFP financial and management obligations
  • Coaching for community organisations
  • Training and resources for:

    • Community Sector Awards
    • Budget and accounting software
    • Community book keeping
    • Financial literacy
  • and more…

Learn about these essential areas:

  • Recruiting and retaining quality staff

  • Awards Agreements and payroll

  • Workplace Relations in a changing environment

  • Industrial Relations for Community

  • Content Creation for Social Media

  • Using technology for marketing your NFP

  • and more…

Learn about these essential areas:

  • Aligning staff to achieve good governance and operate successfully
  • Guidance in ‘change management’ processes that will ultimately assist with your compliance and enable your not-for-profit to continue servicing the community

  • and more…

Learn about these essential areas:

  • Marketing and promotion activities
  • Promotional tips specifically for not-for-profits in utilising emerging technologies (apps/software) for email marketing; digital marketing and social media

  • Helping your Management staff identify their target audience so they can effectively promote the NFP organisation and generate more customers

Key benefits for all Community Compass members is our training resources:

  • Customised e-learning for not-for-profits

  • Access to a comprehensive online library of various e-learning modules for all of your management staff

  • Board Member mentoring / coaching

  • Tips and education about latest technology that not-for-profits can use effectively

  • Face-to-face workshops (vouchers and discounts for eligible organisations)

  • and more…

Community organisations can focus on what they do best, when the
right skills and resources are on-hand to meet their good governance obligations.

By navigating community leadership, we create great change. 

Membership is free. You may qualify for a FREE or low-cost placement in our events. Request a membership information e-pack:

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