Organisations we help

not-for-profit organisationsCommunity Compass serve a wide range of organisations from the Community Sector, including peak bodies and local councils, and not-for-profit community organisations that receive funding from the NSW Government. We also serve community-based organisations that don’t receive funding but are providing services for the community.

Managing a not-for-profit (also known as NFP) organisation — whether it is a charity, professional association, sporting club or community organisation has certain requirements based on the organisation’s structure.

It can be challenging for not-for-profits and community organisations to know how to (or have the relevant skills) to meet compliance set-out by the legislation and regulation that applies to your structure. This is where Community Compass prove invaluable. We focus on supporting not-for-profits to meet their obligations through governance education, community financial guidance, workshops, eLearning, beneficial connections, resources and user-friendly tech tools tips for Boards, Management Committees and leaders in not-for-profit organisations.

Viable and solvent community organisations can help build stronger communities!

Our mission is to develop the viability of the community services sector by supporting sound governance practices (good governance) that in-turn enable stronger communities.

Examples of community-serving organisations we service include:

  • Animal welfare

  • Art & culture

  • Advocacy

  • Children and family

  • Community service

  • Economic development

  • Education, employment & training

  • Faith & spirituality

  • Emergency & safety

  • Environment / sustainability

  • Conservation & heritage

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Indigenous

  • Multicultural

  • Seniors

  • People with disability

  • Rural & regional

  • Science & technology

  • Sport & recreation

  • Women

  • Youth

  • Men

  • ‘at risk’ individuals support

Where we operate?

Located on the Central Coast of NSW, Community Compass has developed strong links with local and State Government to support this region.

We provide direct training and services to organisations throughout NSW, and online training to many customers Nationally. Some of our member specific services are specifically aimed at assisting organisations within the Central Coast area.