Not-for-profit Board Professional Development

There are many interpretations of Governance, to simplify we think it is what not-for-profit community groups need to understand so your organisation is controlled and operates the way it should.

How do community organisations sustain good governance? We recommend adopting an ongoing professional development program.

See our upcoming Good Governance Professional Development Seminar.

Having new and existing board members attend annual Board training is ideal, but community not-for-profit’s have budget, time management and volunteer Board Member concerns to consider. So based on these and other factors we suggest community organisations look at managing professional Board training using a 3 Year cycle approach to sustain ongoing professional development.

Board Member Training for not-for-profits

We recommend the following steps:

  1. Create a Board professional development policy reflecting what your organisation wants, e.g. all Board members undertake Board governance training at least once every 3 Year term.
  2. During recruitment and selection of Board members advise potential Board members of this organisational requirement and seek their commitment formalising it as part of your Board induction process.
  3. Include a review of your organisations Board professional development program each year to plan in advance who will be attending training later that year.
    1. Try using an ‘Annual Board Agenda’ to track important Board tasks, see an example template in our resource library.

Often people take a more relaxed approach to not-for-profit Board responsibilities when compared to those of a commercial Board, thinking that they are not the same, this is a common misperception as not-for-profit Boards are subject to the same expectations and responsibilities.

  • This is a guide only regarding your Boards training. We are not legal practitioners so cannot give legal advice, organisations need to consider their own organisational structure, constitution and the law when making important decisions.

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