Good Governance

What does Good Governance mean for a not-for-profit?

There are many interpretations of what governance means, to simplify we think it is what not-for-profit community groups, your Boards and Management Committees need to understand so your organisation is controlled and operates the way it should.

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How do not-for-profit community organisations sustain good governance?

We recommend adopting an ongoing professional development program.

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What is your role as a Board/Committee Member & what is the role of the Board/Committee?

It’s important to be aware of all your legal responsibilities if you are a not-for-profit Board/Committee Member. Knowing this will help you understand how to govern your organisation correctly and legally.

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We provide training & services for Boards/Committees plus information on where to go for further support.

See our upcoming workshops, seminars and training for options to best suit you and your organisation.

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Our consulting and mentoring services can provide valuable 1:1 assistance.

Free & low-cost consulting services are available to eligible organisations.

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Governance experts strongly recommend greater Board diversity.

To be effective, a Board needs the right group of people with the right set of skills and experience.

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Community Compass facilitates a range of classroom workshops and eLearning courses to strengthen local not-for-profits.

We help you plan and manage change. We guide your not-for-profit organisation in developing the governance frameworks required including the legal obligations to ensure its future success.

Good financial control and associated record keeping are also a very important aspect of governance, for more information on this see our community finance section.

Our workshops here on the Central Coast about legal requirements of governance standards, provide support to community organisation, Board Members, management and Committee Members, key staff plus people wanting to join a Board or Management Committee.

All our workshops are facilitated by Industry Experts. Participants can expect qualified up-to-date information with excellent content and facilitators.

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