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Voluntary Treasurers’ Support Services

Voluntary Treasurers’ Support Service (VTSS) offers a suite of services to not-for-profit organisations and community groups to assist them in the financial management of their organisation.

VTSS provides these services at low or no cost to treasurers of eligible organisations, and all of our services are delivered under strict adherence to industry ethics and codes of practice.

Telephone & E-Mail Support

Our qualified staff are available to answer your questions via telephone or e-mail.

This is a free service and we welcome any questions that you may have that will support your organisation’s financial management.

Please contact us via telephone or e-mail for more information.

Contact Details

Ph: 02 4353 9806

You can also access the FAQ section on our website.

Workshops and Forums

Community Compass offers a wide range of workshops for service managers and board members which de-mystify the myths of financial management. Our NPFM5 suite of training workshops and our Treasurers’ Forum are two services which meet the needs of Treasurers and Financial Administrators in the non-profit sector.

NPFM5 is a training suite of 5 workshops designed to support Treasurers and Financial Administrators (click here for more information)

Treasurers’ and Financial Administrators’ Forum provides a venue of support throughout the year (click here for more information)

  • Understanding the Audit Process
  • Understanding Financial Accountability and Interpreting Financial Reports
  • Understanding the Treasurers Role and Interpreting Financial Reports
  • Budgeting with a difference and Development of Budgeting tools
  • Understanding Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) Status and Fringe Benefits Tax Implications
  • How to implement Salary Sacrifice in your organisation

To register your interest in attending any of these workshops, please contact us via phone or e-mail.

Tools & Tips

VTSS offers a variety of helpful tips and tools to help answer those tough financial questions and connect you with the resources you need.

Fact sheet development

  • Salary Sacrifice
  • PBI
  • FBT
  • List of tools, such as Budget pro forma
  • Treasurers’ Handbook