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Unilink Promo Flyer (pdf)

UniLink Project Information and Application Form 2015

UniLink is an exciting new project at Community Compass which builds the capacity of boards and their organisations through linking 3rd year university students studying commerce with the Treasurer of not-for-profits and supporting them in their role. This year long project enables high end financial reporting to meet the ever growing accountability requirements of small to medium NGOs, creating the space for students to develop an understanding of real life situations which will allow them to put into practice their technical expertise under the guidance and mentoring of a team leader and staff at Community Compass Inc. This link of university and non-profit organisation is proving highly beneficial for the non-profit sector.

UniLink creates a pathway to employment for youth as well as creating the space for practical work experience within the community sector, strengthening the capacity of community service organisations supporting the philosophy of sustainable project development for future growth and development of local projects. UniLink equips the students with the capacity to take up board positions and strengthen NGO leadership, creating a “pool” of potential Treasurers for non-profit groups to access. It is also creates a pathway to apply technical learned knowledge in a real life setting within a supportive environment for the students to come together to share experiences and learnings.

The UniLink Project involves the following:

  • Recruiting students from the university for entry into the project.
  • Recruiting organisations which see the potential for the project’s impact in their service.
  • Community Compass Inc. meeting with students and organisations to brief about the commitment and outcomes of the project and matching students with organisations and their treasurers.
  • Monthly meeting of students and Community Compass Inc to inform, debrief and mentor the students in their role.
  • Students regulary meet with treasurers for discussion and mentoring regarding the financial capacity of the community organisation.
  • Where appropriate, the student may sit in on board meetings while financial reports are being tabled to support the process and learn of the implications of financial reporting for the sector.
  • Evaluation process for both student and organisations is conducted throughout the year.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Community Compass Inc office about your interest in the UniLink Project.