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About the Courses

Our Accredited Online Programs for NFP Boards should be the basis of your board induction process. Our programs will enable your organisation to demonstrate you have capacity for effective governance and enhance your board’s capacity for strategic leadership.

Our programs are structured to ensure your board has all the key skills in the areas they are responsible with regards to governance and oversight, including:

  • Governance & Legal Duties
  • Financial Literacy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Compliance and Risk Management

Competent skilled and proficient Boards are vital to the success of any organisation. Our programs ensure NFP Boards can demonstrate they have the governance skills to lead their organisation into the future.


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Courses for Individual Accreditation

Whether you are looking to upskill, need a refresher, need help as a new Board Member or aspire to serve on a Board? We have the course for you!

Our Accredited Modules ensure you have the essential skills required to understand and exercise your duties as a Not-for-Profit Board Member.

Community Compass Individual Accreditation Courses

Courses for Board Accreditation

Demonstrate your organisation has effective governance in place by getting your whole board certified and incorporating accredited training into your board’s induction process.

Having a Certified board will give funding bodies, members, donors and stakeholders confidence your organisation has sound governance in place.

Community Compass Board Accreditation Courses



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