Is your community organisation proactive with its marketing and public relations (PR) and why is this important?

Not-for-profit and community organisations are familiar with the necessity to promote themselves for government or private grants, to community stakeholders and more besides. Due to high competition and the shift in marketplace power to that of the customer to choose (and with a surplus of choice), community organisations and not-for-profits are now under greater pressure to effectively market and promote their services.


Does your not-for-profit organisation have a refined marketing process?

Community Organisation marketingYour community and charity organisation can benefit from truly understanding your target audience, particularly in this customer-centric environment. It can be challenging to get your message through in a cluttered market.

We can assist your not-for-profit organisation to effectively define its target audience and educate you on how to refine your marketing processes. In addition, we can also help you to drive innovation and establish new service models tailored to better meet your customer needs.

The power of content marketing and digital marketing for community organisations

More not-for-profits are seeing the benefits of utilising the online realm of marketing to get their message out to their target audience. This is because community organisations typically have limited budgets for promotion and digital marketing is a great accessible option with its cost-free or minimal cost entry-point.

Social Media is a great promotional tool for all community organisations

social-media-marketingSocial media has opened up access to broad customer networks that previously were cost-prohibitive for not-for-profits to reach, but it can be daunting for busy not-for-profit organisations to keep up with the latest tips, tricks and tools.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Snap Chat, LinkedIn are all potential marketing channels for community organisations, however every channel is not necessarily suitable for every not-for-profit organisation. We can direct you towards useful information about using these platforms and which ones best suit your community organisation based on where your target customers are most likely to be.

Developing a strategy for the content you share via social media is also an area we can provide guidance on. (see details below)

There are great tools and assistance available specifically for not-for-profit organisations to achieve a solid presence online to promote their cause such as select social media platforms that provide not-for-profit concessions:

How do you create content to market your not-for-profit for distribution via social media?

Content Marketing is about attracting and retaining customers through compelling, multi-channel storytelling. Community organisations can develop content (as copy, photos, pictures, video, audio, any/all of these) that doesn’t explicitly advertise their organisation but stimulates interest and generates attention.

We will be running workshops and online courses to assist your community organisation in generating effective marketing content. These will be advertised as they become available.

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  • Knowing your audience: Do you know what they care about? What is helpful to them? Solutions they seek? Where they frequent?
  • Knowing your unique asset: What does your community organisation possess that your audience values? This may be your cause itself and/or people/communities you have helped – testimonials, beliefs and what you value etc.
  • Knowing the best way to reach the most people: We can provide insight and/or help you to learn how to understand the online behaviours of your target customers. For example: What social media channels do they use? What days/times are they online? What other content online do they respond to?

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