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Our Clients

At Community Compass, we serve a wide range of clients primarily in the Not-For-Profit Sector – in keeping with our philosophy of guiding not-for-profits towards a brighter future. Our clients engage in many different activities and vary significantly in size – we have the flexibility to cater for all.

Client Testimonials

Shayne Silvers

Community Organisation

“The world of finance for me was difficult and I questioned if there was any financial management training available that would be informative, helpful and easy for a non finance manager to understand. Now in a position of greater responsibility, I wanted and needed to understand and be confident to talk the language of finance. I found such training was offered through Community Compass and I must say the knowledge I acquired over the duration of their five Not for Profit Financial Management training courses is immeasurable. Attending their training courses has up skilled me immensely, equipped me with the basics of financial accounting and provided me an appreciation of the key fundamental accounting concepts used in the preparation of financial statements. This is must have training for any professional interested in improving their financial management skills.”

Sue Nicole

Neighbourhood Centre

“As the Accounts and Administration Manager I recently completed the NPFM5 workshop run by Community Compass. I found this to be extremely well run, very well informed and researched and run on a professional basis by Adele Johns while being friendly and interactive. I certainly would recommend this workshop to any NFP organization.

“Community Compass works closely with local community organizations including ourselves to provide a clear easy to maintain financial management program by being honest ethical and accountable thus promoting trust and fairness for all of our stakeholders.

“We support the valuable effort made by Community Compass in the advancement and viability of financial accountability for Not for Profit organizations in our community.”