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Financial Development Solutions

Financial Development Solutions (FDS) is a new suite of services we are offering not-for-profit organisations to assist them in assessing their needs and providing information about options that are available. FDS offers service packages tailored to your organisations needs.

Analysis & Reports

  • An initial consultation to understand your organisational requirements / needs.
  • A review of financial reports to establish your current financial position.
  • A presentation to your board of the financial reports outlining the story that the reports are telling about your service.
  • A written report outlining recommendations for change to enhance the readability / understandability of your service to your committee.
  • Outcomes will be focused around linking your financial forecast to your strategic vision for your organisation.

Salary Sacrifice Implementation

This package provides step by step guidance on the “how to’s” in preparing your organisation to offer salary sacrifice to staff including:

  • Policy development
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Identification of key areas for deductions

Salary Sacrifice Staff Training

This package provides the delivery of a customised package which educates staff on salary sacrifice options outlining:

  • Benefits and potential drawbacks
  • Government and tax requirements
  • Recordkeeping and documentation

Please contact us for more information on our rates and services.