Community Finance – how to stay up-to-date on latest standards for your community organisation

Board and Committee Members have a legal obligation to read and interpret financial reports to make financial decisions in the interest of the community organisation they represent. We help you position your community organisation for financial sustainability and good governance.

Bookkeeping and Payroll is made easy for not-for-profit organisations with our tailored service program.

Our qualified Community Bookkeepers and Accountants are skilled in MYOB and other accounting software requirements. Leave the stress of contracting independent and various Community Bookkeepers by using our accessible short or long-term bookkeeping service for community organisations. View an outline of this service here…
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We assist Board/Committee Members to have the financial skills required.

We offer classroom workshops and access to information, resources and more besides in not-for-profit financial literacy.
Go direct to our Training and Events for information on not-for-profit Financial Literacy training and resources…
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Not-for-profit organisations: Access discounted accounting software for accurate record keeping

Community Compass are an MYOB partner. Our discounts vary depending on your community organisation’s requirements. There are cloud-based software options including Xero and Cashflow Manager. We can assist with how to integrate this software into your not-for-profit organisation.
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Bring financial management back-to-basics. Gain skills for maintaining financial sustainability.

The form and content of financial statements prepared by various not-for-profits can vary significantly depending on size, type, and statutory or other specific requirements. We are able to guide not-for-profits on the financial statements applicable for their organisation.
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Does your organisation understand accounting and regulations reporting of not-for-profits?

We assist your Board Members and key staff to have financial skills to keep your community organisation solvent and maintaining good governance. Our effective training protects Board Members and the organisation, to make confident and accountable financial decisions.
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Does your not-for-profit organisation have paid employees?

If your organisation has part-time or full-time employees, you must seek correct and up-to-date advice to comply with Industrial Relations. We provide expert advice and tips for managing Industrial Awards, specifically for the Community Sector.
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