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Welcome to the Self Assessment Tool in Good Governance for Not for Profits

This tool has been created by Community Compass as a resource for not for profit organisations. The tool enables you to self-assess the current and required skills for your Board or Management Committee and generates a customised report for your organisation.

The purpose of the tool is to provide free access to a resource that will help you improve governance practices, and to assess the governance and leadership level in your organisation.

Board Skills Self-Assessment Process:

Step 1

Please download and print the Self-Assessment Tool and have Your Board Members complete at your next board meeting.

Step 2

Login & enter your board’s responses into the Board Matrix Tool form, which will be available once you fill out the form below.

Step 3

Once you submit the form with all the data required, then you will receive your customised report & recommendation.


Step 1: Click Here To Download The Board Member Self Assessment Tool

Once you have downloaded the tool by the above link and all the Board Members have provided their valuable input, then you need to fill in the form below and complete the steps to get your customised report.

Now that your board members have completed their individual Self-Assessment Tools, enter your data from each form into the feild below.

Each board member should have a value of 0-4 assigned to each field. If your board member has left a field blank assign a 0 as it may be because they did not know the key skills area.

Once you have entered a value into each field, simply click submit to have a copy of your customized Board Skills Assessment Report emailed to you.

Thank You For Taking The Time To Complete The Not-For-Profit Board Skills Self-Assessment.

We are really pleased that you are interested in good governance and ensuring you have a strong board. The importance of running your organisation strategically and sustainably, with accountability and transparency, can’t be overstated.

By working through this toolkit, you’ll be strengthening your organisation and moving it closer to creating a richer, more diverse and stronger environment, able to cope with change and internal and external challenges.

At Community Compass we can help you strengthen your board and organisation by providing:

  • Training & mentoring in good governance
  • Developing organizational strategy and systems
  • Providing information and networking opportunities

Below is the results of your self-assessment which highlight your organisation’s strengths and areas for improvement. For further support in strengthening your board’s skills, subscribe on our website for updates on best practice governance, training & skills development opportunities.


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