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BoardLINK Voluntary Board Position Matching Services

BoardLINK provides a free matching tool to link highly skilled individuals with Voluntary Board & Management Committee positions for not-for-profits.

Unique to Community Compass is the ability for organisations to search profiles by the skills they need to recruit to their board. This platform is designed to compliment our Board Skills Self Assessment Tool to support organisations for effective governance.


Why choose Community Compass to list your profile or position?

BoardLINK offers:

  • One platform for listing candidates profiles and voluntary board positions
  • The unique ability to list and search profiles and positions by skills
  • We partner with leading Universities to help you recruit highly skilled candidates looking for voluntary board experience

BoardLINK is a free service for organisations and individuals to list their profiles.

For more information on BoardLINK, please contact us on 4353 9806 or e-mail to

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